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Yay plants!

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Assumptions vs. Ingredients / practicing excellence

I’ve been vegetarian since last October, when I began my slow foray into veganism. I’ve now been strictly vegan for just over 6 weeks, minus accidentally eating some butter-laced shortbread, and some rebellious “I’m sick and can eat whatever I … Continue reading

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2011, a recap

2011 is nearly done, and it’s been one heck of a year. The highlights include: forty-three posts (this one makes forty-four!) twenty-eight pounds lighter four half-iron distance triathlons three months meat-free (and mostly dairy-free) two 24 hour running relays one … Continue reading

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Every now and then I’ll see some old dude with a cane or a lady with a walker, slowly making their way along the sidewalk, hunched over and clearly in pain. I wonder how they got to that point, and … Continue reading

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Race Report: Portland Marathon

Portland Marathon, Portland, OR – 10/9/2011 A couple months ago I noticed the Portland marathon was happening the day after my birthday. I decided that, instead of my usual birthday plan of getting hammered and staggering home around dawn, I … Continue reading

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1 week, no meat

It’s now been a week since I last had any meat. So far, so good! It is definitely an adjustment, though. For the first time in my life, I bonked on a run. Even with a massive bowl of oatmeal … Continue reading

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