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Race Report: Portland Marathon

Portland Marathon, Portland, OR – 10/9/2011 A couple months ago I noticed the Portland marathon was happening the day after my birthday. I decided that, instead of my usual birthday plan of getting hammered and staggering home around dawn, I … Continue reading

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Race report: Seattle Marathon 2010

(My apologies for the long delay in posting this… I’ve been busy, um, healing?) Seattle, WA – 11/28/2010 First off, the big question: did I finish?  Drumroll… I did!  Next year the goal is to finish without injury, but I’m … Continue reading

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Gobble gobble – nearly time

My heel seems to be ok.  A little tender, and I’m sure it’s going to seize up all to hell following the marathon, but I don’t think I’ll be doing any lasting damage at this point. Only a couple of … Continue reading

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Learning when to stop

To train for the Seattle Marathon (my first), I’ve been following “plan C” listed here.  I finally hit 18 miles on the 6th (in 3:10, woo!), and hoo boy did it ever hurt!  I iced and rested for most of … Continue reading

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nutrition / hydration

The other day my father emailed me some advice from a gym buddy of his that has ended up in the medical tent at the end of the Seattle Marathon three times: It seems that the weather is so damp … Continue reading

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