Asics GT-2150

I’ve been running in this style of asics for years.  I’ll probably switch to a sock-less shoe next season for events (for speedier transitions), but I’ll still use the Asics for training.  This particular model corrects my slight over-pronation, feels light but supportive, and has just enough cushioning.


Always buy two pairs, so if you get rained on you don’t have to run in soggy shoes the next day.

Update: I’ve come to realize that this shoe probably has too much cushioning, and shouldn’t be correcting my pronation (as the foot is supposed to pronate a bit anyway).  This is a great shoe if you run on your heels, but that’s a horribly damaging way to run.  I’ll be looking for lighter, less-cushioned shoes in the future, and work on my form such that I land at mid-foot (like one does naturally when running barefoot).

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