Learning when to stop

To train for the Seattle Marathon (my first), I’ve been following “plan C” listed here.  I finally hit 18 miles on the 6th (in 3:10, woo!), and hoo boy did it ever hurt!  I iced and rested for most of the next 24 hours, and then did another 6 miles, per the plan.  I stuck with the plan through the following Saturday, but by then the nagging pain in my right heel had become painful enough that I thought I might be really injuring myself.

So, I skipped the Sunday run.  By Tuesday, I was really itching to get out there again, but after the first couple blocks that sharp burning sensation had returned, and I made myself stop.  I could have pushed through the pain, but with less than two weeks until the marathon, I need to err on the side of too much rest.  Either my legs are ready at this point, or they’re not (I’ve read it takes about 2 weeks of inactivity for your muscles to start losing strength).  So I stopped, walked back home, and did some light yoga instead.

Yoga, by the way, is a new thing for me, which I started just after starting training for the marathon, and it has been a HUGE help.   Several times now, I’ve been sore as hell from all the extra mileage, then went to yoga, and felt great the next day.  It’s truly amazing, and I’m excited to see where it takes me as I stick with it through the off season.

Anyhow, here it is two days later, and I was finally able to run again.  There was still a little tenderness in my heel, but this time it didn’t feel like ‘injury’ pain, just ‘healing’ pain.  I guess we’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

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