Gobble gobble – nearly time

My heel seems to be ok.  A little tender, and I’m sure it’s going to seize up all to hell following the marathon, but I don’t think I’ll be doing any lasting damage at this point.

Only a couple of days left now.   I’ve been working on my equipment list for the past couple weeks, visualizing race-day and adding items as I realize I’ve left them out:

  • 8oz bottle w/ water to carry
  • 20oz bottle w/ nuun to sip in the hour before race time
  • 8 gels (1 just before the start, 6 during, and 1 spare)
  • race number & belt
  • timing chip & shoes
  • Garmin Forerunner 305 & heart monitor strap
  • hat
  • tri jersey / shirt / jacket
  • gloves
  • post-run shirt / hat / jacket / sweatpants

The weather is forecast to be partly cloudy and in the low 40s.  This is excellent news.  I should be able to get away with only 1 thermal layer over my tri jersey, plus gloves and a cold-weather running hat (both Nike).  I’ll also have my running jacket with me in case the forecast is wrong, but hopefully I can leave it in the car.

The course will have water stations every 2 miles, stocked with gatorade, so I’m going to have water in the bottle I carry to keep it interesting.  It’s nice to have a break from the flavored stuff every now and then.

I’m excited, but also really nervous.  This is a far crazier thing than the triathlons I did this year.  Just like with the triathlons, I’ve done the training, but it feels like the gap between the training and the actual race distance is much larger this time.  The longest I’ve run is 18 miles, and Sunday I’ll be adding another 8 to that.  18 miles frakking HURT.  I really just don’t know what’s going to happen when I go even further, but it should be interesting finding out.

I’m thankful for the journey.

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