Race Report: Lake Samish Tri

Lake Samish Tri, Bellingham, WA – 08/07/2010

Back in May of 2010, I was having so much fun training for ChelanMan that I signed up for a second tri before even completing my first!  Luckily, I had a great time in Chelan, and my goal for this second one was simply to finish without having any breakdowns.

I also decided, since it was only a 90 minute drive away, that I would save the motel money and just drive up in the early early AM.  Although this ended up working just fine, I don’t recommend it.  3am is eeeaarrrllly.

The water was noticeably warmer than the air, probably around 70 degrees (the air being 60 or less).  I put myself a little further towards the front this time, but ended up getting passed a bunch.  I’m still figuring out where I belong in the pack (granted, it’s sure to be a different pack every time!).  This race had the men start 5 minutes ahead of the women, which meant the women had to stand around in the water waiting, which some were very verbally complaining about (and I don’t blame them a bit).

The gun went off, and we set out.  The water was flat and calm, so all I had to worry about was running into people and staying on course.  I almost failed the latter as I made the turn around the first buoy and headed towards the 3rd!  I caught myself after a dozen strokes or so, but felt very silly.

The forecast in the week leading up to the race had been for rain, but I was really hoping for a break. No such luck. Although it wasn’t a downpour, there was plenty enough mist on the bike to keep me wet and cold and miserable (yet still, somehow, having fun!).  The course was a double loop around the lake. It was gorgeous, with only mild hills (though I didn’t think they were very mild at the time).

I was pretty drenched, cold and tired by the time I started the run.  Plus, the route started with a pretty brutal uphill section.  My legs felt like lead, and I was sure I was going at a snail’s pace.  Halfway through the run I finally looked up and realized what a beautiful area it was, and I was smiling from there to the finish (in my head, anyway).

I finished, and achieved my goal of not having any mechanical breakdowns!  I even posted better swim and run times!  Woo!  I then took a rather terrible victory shot:

My friend Michelle (who was kind enough to get up at the crack of dawn to come cheer me on) and I then headed to Bellingham for the traditional celebratory Pina Colada (or two). this time at Dos Padres:


swim: 18:17 / bike: 52:35 / run: 30:06

(distances:  .5 / 14.75 / 3.1 miles)

total: 1:46:21

placed: 11/14 in my division, 125/186 overall

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