Race Schedule: 2011

May 22: World’s Toughest Half

Back in the fall last year, I ripped a half-iron training plan out of Triathlete magazine.  It’s a 16 week plan by Matt Fitzgerald (which I’m starting this week, actually).  I wanted to start serious training again some time in January, so that meant finding a half-iron to do in May, preferably one I could drive to.  These criteria led me to find the Auburn Triathlon, in Auburn, CA, dubbed the “world’s toughest half”.   Sounds like fun to me!

June 17-18: Epic Oregon Relay

Assuming I survive my first half-iron in May, I’ll be trying my first running relay in June.

June 25: Tri Monroe Olympic

Assuming I survive the relay a week before this, I’ll try and do this Olympic distance tri in Monroe, WA.  It’s so close to home, how could I not?

July 16: ChelanMan Half-Iron

This is where it all started for me last year with the sprint distance. I can’t wait to go back and kick the half-iron’s ass, one year later!  Woo!

August: ???

I don’t have anything planned for August, yet.  Depending on how my body is doing at this point I may try for another Olympic event, or else just recover and get ready for the next month’s half-iron.

September: The Grand Columbian Half-Iron

This is where I did my first Olympic distance last year.  Right now I’m just planning on making this my third (and final) half-iron of the year, but if the first two go really well and I completely lose my mind, I have the option of doing a full Ironman instead.  That’s very unlikely, though.

October: ???

Nothing planned, but I’ll probably just take a break from swim/bike like I did last year and focus on training for the Seattle Marathon.

November 27: Seattle Marathon

Hopefully this year I can do it without hurting my knee (or anything else).

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