Race Nutrition Planning

Before any race, it’s vital you find out what products will be available at the aid stations and where those stations are on the course.  You should always do some test runs with those same products to make sure they digest smoothly and provide the calories/hydration you need.  If not, you’ll need to bring your own.

Fortunately these days, all this information is usually online (I haven’t yet found a case where it wasn’t).  The Auburn half-iron will have Cytomax, which I think I’ve had before without problems, but I’ll need to test it in the next couple of weeks to be sure.

In my bike training, I’ve found that 2 bottles (of Gatorade Perform) lasts me pretty exactly 55 miles.  Since the bike aid stations “will feature real bike water bottles filled with ice cold water and Cytomax energy drink”, I’ll make sure at least one of my bottles is a cheap throwaway that I can just drop and replace.

When I run, I usually take a sip of Gatorade, Nuun, or water about every 10-20 minutes (1-2 miles).  The run course for the event has aid stations every 1-2 miles, so, assuming Cytomax works gut-wise, I’m totally covered.

As for gels on both the bike and run, I’ll bring my own (Hammer’s Montana Huckleberry).


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