HI-4: A Sobering Reality

I like drinking.  It’s fun and I’m good at it.  But, with just four weeks left until my first half-iron, it’s time to get serious and cut out the booze.

Not that I’m drinking much now anyway.   Alcohol interferes with any training I have the next day, slows down my body’s repairs, disrupts sleep, and suppresses my immune system, putting me at risk of catching a nasty cold.

I stopped drinking entirely in the month before my first triathlon last year.  Doing so really helped me focus on what I was about to attempt, and ensured I was in peak condition.  Plus, it should help me drop a few extra pounds, and every pound lighter I am will make a huge difference, what with all the hills on the bike course.

Speaking of weight loss, I’ve dropped another pants size!  That makes a total of 10″ off my waist since I started running again two years ago.  Go me!

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