1 week, no meat

It’s now been a week since I last had any meat. So far, so good! It is definitely an adjustment, though.

For the first time in my life, I bonked on a run. Even with a massive bowl of oatmeal in the morning and lots of fruit and veggies throughout the day, I clearly wasn’t getting enough calories. Just a couple miles into a run Thursday, I suddenly felt a little sick and very, very tired. I had to fight the urge to lay down on the sidewalk and take a nap. I ended up just walking all the way home. Annoying, but informative.

Throughout the week I’ve been thinking of various food favorites that I can’t have as a vegan. Pizza, sushi, cheese, biscuits & gravy, eggs benedict… ugh. So depressing. I’d better have abs by the spring or someone’s going to pay.

At dinner Friday night, I ordered sweet potato fries. They arrived with a selection of dipping sauces, which I immediately stuck a fry into and then stopped. The sauces were all pretty obviously cream based. DAMMIT. Ketchup it is, then. My veggie burger had cheese on it, which I removed, and more of the dipping sauce on the bun, which I scraped off. I’ll have to try to remember to specify “no cheese or sauce” when ordering veggie burgers.

Although I’ll keep it vegan at home, I think I’ll loosen the restriction to just vegetarian when out on the town, as necessary. Otherwise I’m sure I’d soon find myself somewhere where I can’t eat anything on the menu!

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