bienvenido a miami

I leave Friday for Miami, to do the half-marathon there Sunday, and I’m TOTALLY FREAKING EXCITED!! I did 4 miles this morning in 36 minutes. If I can keep that speed in Miami I’ll clear the 2 hour mark, which would be excellent.


For this trip I decided to give a try. If it pans out this weekend, and if I can find couches to surf in my other race locations, I’ll end up saving a bundle in hotel/motel fees. I’ll also meet lots of fun and interesting people, which is really more the point of the site. Actually, I already “meet” lots of people on my trips, but the relationship usually doesn’t go beyond “hey, nice race” and “yeah, you too.” Forging new friendships wherever I go could only make each race that much more special.

This will be my first time in Miami, and my timing is rather perfect, it seems, as there’s a block party in Little Havana on the last Friday of every month. The local couch surfing group also gathers for dinner before the party, so BAM! instant social group. I haven’t made any firm touristy plans outside of some beach time Saturday while hydrating like crazy and trying to adapt to the heat, so hopefully the CS crowd will be able to point me in the direction of the “must sees”. I’ll also be reading a lonely planet guidebook on the way down.

This’ll be the furthest I’ve gone for any race, and also my first half-marathon (I don’t count the ones at the end of the half-ironman races last year… that’s a whole different beast).

And it goes without saying that the Miami Vice theme song will be on a loop in my head the whole time I’m there. I’ll try to avoid being caught up in any boat chase drug deals, though…

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  1. Super excited for you – have a great race! Can’t wait to hear about your couchsurfing experience too!

  2. Don’t forget your white dress jacket w/ the shoulder pads and your pink v-neck.. smokin’ hot.. Good luck!

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