What I’m thinking…

I’m sometimes asked what I think about when I’m out there training so many hours of the week. Well, here you go:

  • how fast am I going vs. how fast do I feel I’m going vs. how fast should I be going;
  • when’s my next turn and how long til my next drink or gel (if riding/running)
  • life plans / goals, and how I can apply what I’ve learned in triathlon to achieve them
  • money
  • what I’ll do/say for my entry in the ‘Kona Inspired’ contest, and how the hell I would pay for the plane tickets if I actually won
  • what’s the next week of training look like vs. social plans vs. chores, errands and cooking
  • predicting that the car ahead of me is about to- HOLY SHIT BRAKES!!!!… jack-ass…
  • movie scenes
  • karaoke songs
  • general spacing out or appreciating the beautiful area I’m going through or smiling because I’m so damn grateful to be out there
  • “Will Preston… you… are… an.. IRONMAN!!!” (what the announcer is going to say as I cross the finish line in June)

I also do a lot of race visualization, wherein I imagine how hard I’ll be pushing at various parts of the race, what my transition area looks like and what equipment I have there. I also run through packing lists in my head for each race I have planned. I’m going to try to pop down to California in April for a sprint distance race, in which I’ll borrow my brother-in-law’s bike, so lately I’ve been thinking through what gear I’ll need to take with me and what can be left behind.

I also think about what can go wrong, and play through different scenarios in my head. Like, what if I crash or someone crashes into me. Am I too injured to continue? Is my bike OK? Can I keep going and be one of those extra bad-ass bad-asses who finishes a freaking Ironman while bleeding profusely? The answer is yes (in my head, anyway), as it’s too heartbreaking to imagine having to pull out of the race.

So, yeah. That’s what I’m thinking.

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