BRR & Tutus for Child’s Play

My race report for Ironman CDA is in the works but to quickly summarize: COLD swim COLD COLD swim COLD bike bike STOMACH CRAMPS bike bike YAY SUN bike bike bike run run run HOLY CRAP I’M TIRED run run run FINISHED! … in 14:52:57.

More on that later. For now, though, I’d like to draw your attention to my next crazy thing, which is the Bridger Ridge Run, in Bozeman, MT. On a lark, I entered the lottery registration process, and ended up getting in, so now I have to do it. “It” in this case is a 20 mile trail run (I never run on trails) between 7500-9500 feet (I’ve lived at sea level my whole life), 6 weeks from now (… shit).

Since that’s a rather crazy thing to try to do, I thought I’d up the crazy ante and raise some more charitable funds at the same time. My charity of choice this time is Child’s Play.

Here’s the breakdown. If I raise…

$1,000: I’ll run the BRR in a fluffy pink tutu
$2,000: I’ll run the BRR in a full Ace Ventura ballerina costume (w/ trail shoes instead of boots, of course)

Greater Bonus: I’ll shave the names of the first five people to contribute $200 or more into my head.

Lesser Bonus: Anyone contributing $50 or more gets their name written in sharpie on the arm or leg of their choice.

Hopefully this all results in my running the BRR as a ballerina with various names written on my arms and legs and shaved into my head, as that means a whole mess of money going to sick kids.

I’d appreciate your support, which can be shown in the form of cold hard (electronic) cash, here:

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