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Happily contagious

The other day on the bus, as I was reading the latest issue of Inside Triathlon, the guy next to me asked “So, are you a triathlete?” I replied in the affirmative, and he asked if I knew about a … Continue reading

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Race Report: Auburn Triathlon

World’s Toughest Half, Auburn, CA – 05/22/2011 (most of the pictures are by Facchino Photography, but some are by my dad) On race morning, I got up at 4am and had my pre-race meal: turkey deli meat, Safeway deli pasta, … Continue reading

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HI-4: A Sobering Reality

I like drinking.  It’s fun and I’m good at it.  But, with just four weeks left until my first half-iron, it’s time to get serious and cut out the booze. Not that I’m drinking much now anyway.   Alcohol interferes … Continue reading

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Bike Advice

(I was recently asked for bike tips for someone just starting training for their first triathlon.  Here’s how I replied…) You should just get a standard road bike for your first tri (as opposed to a tri-specific bike).  Whether new … Continue reading

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